Interview with Rob Lucente of 13:28 Productions presents Countdown to 2012

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AR-L: Hello Rob, and thank you so much for answering these questions for those of us interested in the Countdown to 2012. What would you like to tell our readers about the mission and vision of 13:28?

RL: The mission of 13:28 Productions is to produces positive consciousness music and concert events. I formed the company earlier this year and COUNTDOWN TO 2012 is the inaugural event!

AR-L: Would you please trace the evolution of the Countdown to 2012: A Celebration of New Planetary Consciousness event for us?

RL: This event is based on the original event called “Countdown to 2012 – Celebrating the Life and Logos of Terence McKenna” which took place on December 15, 2000 in San Francisco. It was a memorial for Terence McKenna who passed away in April 2000. I had a previous production company called “2012 Productions” that was a partnership with four of my best friends. We had launched a popular Web site in 1999 called PHILZONE.COM – a music fan site related to the Grateful Dead bass player PHIL LESH. We did a lot of work with Phil Lesh and his production company bringing the community together after Jerry Garcia had died and the Grateful Dead disbanded.

We were also big fans of Terence McKenna and the concept of “2012” as a symbol of transformation and evolving consciousness. When Terence passed away, we worked with friends and family to throw the memorial concert. We had live music, DJs, and a presentation by visionary artist’s Robert Venosa and Martina Hoffman. The main performance was by a band at the time called LOST AT LAST. They were this amazing ethno-rave-trance band out of Maui and had been friends with Terence. Terence started to do some performances with live bands where he raved and invoked the LOGOS and had done this with LOST AT LAST a few times, so they were a perfect choice to have perform. Also we had found out that PHIL LESH was a big fan of Terence’s too, so when he heard we were producing this concert, he signed on to sit in as special guest.

It was an amazing moment in which he performed some classic Grateful Dead songs “rave-electronica” style! You can see photos of this and hear some audio on the event Web site It was amazing – Robert Hunter, the lyricist for the Grateful Dead, wrote a special eulogy poem also titled “WORDS FOR TERENCE”. In addition, we had all kinds of artists, multimedia and art installation throughout the night. Phil himself compared it to an authentic “acid test” from the psychedelic 60’s .. the very stuff that spawned the entire concert industry. It was fitting because the event happened at a club called the 7th Note, but was originally called WOLFGANG’s and was owned by the great BILL GRAHAM – the renowned Bay Area concert promoter.

I knew that night something special had occurred and for the next 10 years I planned to produce a modern COUNTDOWN TO 2012. Since then 2012 Productions had dissolved and we had all moved on, but earlier this year I formed 13:28 Productions with one of the major driving forces being to do this event again especially now that we are only weeks away from 2012!

 The process for this event came very organically. I had a vision for what should be involved, but the real catalyst came in an unfortunate way. Since the first concert was for Terence who died of the brain cancer Glioblastoma, a cancer I had never heard about… 10 years later I would become intimately close to this tragic cancer again when my dearly beloved 46-year-old brother-in-law was diagnosed with Glioblastoma suddenly in April 2010. My brother-in-law and his wife, my sister, fought a courageous and difficult year and a half long battle but my brother-in-law passed away this October.

It became clear to me that in memory of my brother-in-law Christopher and Terence that I would get this concert produced and work with National Brain Tumor Society to have a portion of proceeds benefit their great work and also use the event as a mechanism to bring awareness to NBTS and to Glioblastoma. It should be noted that a study came out that tracked a 40% increase in Glioblastoma in connection with the increase of cellular phone use and cell waves and towers. I encourage people to use a hard-wire headset for their cell phones and avoid directly holding the phone to their ears. We will have information on display at the event and I also have set up a special fundraiser page where folks can make a direct donation:

 Beyond the awareness for NBTS, it was critical for me to uphold the core of the original event by bringing together genre-blending music, art and multimedia.

 We’ve got DJ SPOOKY – a very talented musician and author – performing his smooth trip-hop. He’s also tapped into the “new consciousness” and has been involved with the great folks at REALTY SANDWICH and the EVOLVER SOCIAL MOVEMENT. This is the movement in part founded by DANIEL PINCHBECK – the best selling author of such books as “2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl.”

 Unfortunately Daniel couldn’t be in attendance, but we’ll have representatives from EVOLVER and REALTY SANDWICH in house with information and new books on sale from their new EVOLVER EDITIONS book line. This line launched the last work of JOSE ARGUELLES – MANIFESTO FOR THE NOOSPHERE which is a MUST READ going into 2012! It outlines the new planetary consciousness which is unfolding.

We’ll also be showing movie shorts from POST MODERN TIMES and 2012: TIME FOR CHANGE – the 2010 feature-length documentary collaboration between DANIEL PINCHBECK and JOAO AMORIM. This movie presents wonderful discussion and examples of how humanity can reengineer our systems to live in a responsible symbiosis with the Earth and regain our natural place as a co-species and not reckless dominators!

 We’ve got all kinds of amazing talent and multimedia – it’s going to be 8 hours straight of non-stop consciousness expanding entertainment!

We’ve got the high-energy hard hitting funk-fusion-jam band KUNG FU out of Connecticut and we’ve put together a special all-star performance being called THE BMD JAM SESSIONS featuring MARC BROWNSTEIN and ARON MAGNER of the psychedelic electronica jam rock band THE DISCO BISCUITS joined by Grammy-nominated NYC drummer extraordinaire ADAM DEITCH of BREAK SCIENCE and LETTUCE.

And then we’ve got my good friend JODY SALINO aka SYNCHRO, out from the Bay Area, spinning the “intergalactic intermezzo” music throughout the night. We also have SCOTT DRAVES aka SPOT – the creator of the mind blowing ELECTRIC SHEEP animation – doing visual projections all night and featured visionary artist GIZEM BACAZ who will have art on display and for auction as well and adding to the overall aesthetic of the event. I’ve also got some surprises in store for special art installation and tributes to Terence and Jose. We also have my friend and Shamanic healer JAMES RIVERSTONE performing invocation and activation to help set the intentions and hold sacred space.

And finally, throughout the night we’ll be honoring both TERENCE MCKENNA and JOSE ARGUELLES. We’ll have 13 Moon / 28 Day calendars available for free courtesy of Jose’s FOUNDATION FOR THE LAW OF TIME.

AR-L: What else can you tell us about the significance of the countdown itself, what it may signal for the development of the planet’s consciousness, for humanity at large; the significance of the tributes to Terence and Argüelles, etc.

RL: The significance of the “countdown” is that we are now weeks away from the long awaited and highly anticipated year of 2012… and one year away from the actual Winter Solstice critical date in 2012: 12/21/12.

 This event is a celebration and activation of awakening that we are entering, what Jose Arguelles calls the NOOSPHERE – the birth of a new planetary consciousness. The folks at the LAW OF TIME have brought attention to the following:

“The Harmonic Convergence of 2012 is the year-long activation of unification consciousness through a rolling wave of globally synchronized meditations to return Earth to natural time, and to launch the long-prophesied circumpolar rainbow bridge.”

It is this theme and concept that I hope to bring awareness to with this event on Friday. It was critical for me to do this in NEW YORK CITY as this is the heart of the OLD TIME FREQUENCY and we need to activate many who are not familiar with these new consciousness concepts and ideas. The Earth is changing and we humans need to recognize that we need to upgrade our “operating system”. One of the tools we can use to do this is the 13 Moon 28 Day calendar. It is a synchronizing tool that helps reinvigorate your natural time and connection to telepathy and synchronicity and harmony with Natural Time.

 The FOUNDATION FOR THE LAW OF TIME also tells us that:

As the earth begins to vibrate at a higher frequency, the lies of civilization are rapidly exposed. Social unrest and collective disillusionment increase as the familiar world hologram is being dissolved and a new cycle is being phased in. According to The Mayan Factor, December 21, 2012 marks the point when earth passes out of a beam 5,125 years in diameter.

 So again, I intend to bring attention to this with this event and with future 13:28 Productions events, music, and art. Also there are key messages to be learned by bringing attention to both Argüelles and McKenna…

 Jose Argüelles promotes that “TIME IS NOT MONEY – TIME IS ART”. Jose put forth the LAW OF TIME – a universal law and principle that states time is the universal factor of synchronization. The Law of Time distinguishes between a natural timing frequency that governs the universal order, and an artificial timing frequency, which sets modern human civilization apart from the rest of its environment, the biosphere. The Law of Time states that: Energy factored by time equals art.

 And to that tenant – the COUNTDOWN TO 2012 is a TIME IS ART event! We will honor and that Jose brought us this knowledge to help us at this Great Transition. And we honor that Terence brought attention to this in his beautiful way and mastery of language. His TIME WAVE ZERO theory shows us that we are reaching a singularity of infinite complexity in 2012.

AR-L: It is clear you’re actively promoting this unique and significant event celebration in the spirit of the 60’s counterculture. What can the public expect? Give us some teasers of some of the surprises the night will hold for those of us joining the merriment while contributing to a very worthy cause.

RL: One of the ongoing goals for my productions and events is to bring back the essence of the original Bill Graham 60’s “happenings” and I can promise you this will be ONE FOR THE AGES! As I noted earlier, PHIL LESH himself referred to the first COUNTDOWN TO 2012 as an “authentic acid-test”, and Friday’s event will be in the same spirit merging art forms and media and by genre-blending create a them of dissolving barriers and creating Unity. We gather to celebrate positive transformation, peace, art and unity. Thank you for the opportunity to share this with you and your readers! IN LA’KESH (Mayan saying meaning “I AM ANOTHER YOURSELF”). PEACE & LOVE, R. LUCENTE

Please check out my music and art at 


13:28 Productions presents :::COUNTDOWN TO 2012 – A Celebration of New Planetary Consciousness ::: @ CANAL ROOM ~ 12.16.11 ~ 9PM

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“Let the COUNTDOWN begin to the Winter Solstice of 2012, closing out the Great Cycle, and ushering in the Noosphere – the next stage in new planetary consciousness. Based on the original Countdown to 2012 – Celebrating the Life of Terence McKenna, held in San Francisco in 2000, this year’s extravaganza features genre-blending music and multimedia. ”

13:28 Productions presents

:::COUNTDOWN TO 2012 – A Celebration of New Planetary Consciousness :::


Friday, 12/16/11(Red Rhythmic Earth),Doors: 8pm, Show: 9pm – 4am
Canal Room 285 W.Broadway @ Canal, NY, NY
All Tickets GA. $35.00 (includes sales tax) Ticket price subject to change.

Click to Make Direct Donation to National Brain Tumor Society through the Countdown to 2012 Fundraiser Page

Click here for official press release.



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