Welcome to The ~curARTorial LAB

November 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

The ~curARTorial LAB is a creative crucible – an alternative space geared towards experimental curatorial practices and the promotion of emergent visual artists from around the world.

The LAB has already served as resource center for Casa de Venezuela’s 2011 Diálogo 365, and is continuously expanding the scope of an interdisciplinary arts initiative that kicked off in 2008 with an exhibition staged in 2009 at the Painted Bride Art Center Independence Foundation Gallery for the Visual Arts titled Synesthesia:The Blending of the Senses as Art (in collaboration with Bryn Mawr College). The LAB’s Synesthesia Initiative has also staged Synesthesia.2 @ SINErgy Project Space + Gallery (2010), and The Synesthesia LAB ~ All Hallow’s Eve Session @ the ICEBOX in CRANE Arts, LLC (2011).

The LAB represents the manifestation of a vision I’ve been giving form to since 2008. It functions as a boundless international project by collaborating with new world-wide initiatives like the Young International Contest of Contemporary Art (YICCA). It has served as the launching pad of suprising contributions to major global art events like the 54th Biennale di Venezia, where I completed an intervention as Biennale Researcher for the Indianapolis Museum of Art in preparation for doctoral fieldwork in visual anthropology.

The LAB focuses on:

  • the development and staging of exhibitions in all media (with a recently established focus on video)
  • a variety of activities that can be labeled under the umbrella of “curatorial consulting”
  • as well as publishing critical reviews of new and recent art-related texts in internationally renowned academic journals such as the International Visual Sociology Association’s Visual Studies.

In complement to my general interest in the state of contemporary artistic practices around the globe, my current academic and critical focus revolves around a long-term doctoral project that traces the circulation, reception, and recognition of contemporary Puerto Rican art on a global scale. The LAB serves as the physical and virtual supporting platform for my fieldwork and dissertation, while also accommodating a variety of additional projects that constitute the basis of my ongoing curatorial practice (1999-present).

The ~curARTorial LAB is an open initiative – we welcome proposals as well as more spontaneous forms of collaboration from artists, curators, critics, interdisciplinary thinkers, and anyone else genuinely curious about art. It is conceptualized as a real + virtual space where the growth of new art forms is encouraged and where inspiration rules.

Welcome to The ~curARTorial LAB!

Anabelle Rodríguez-Lawton, Founding Director + Chief Curator

The ~curARTorial LAB is located @ The Malkovich in CRANE Arts Old School, 1425 North Second Street, Philadelphia 19122

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